by Mayo DeLeon on January 27th, 2016

    The Flat Screen Display is REIMAGINED

Technology so advanced it's simple.

Write. Touch. Swipe. Pinch. SMART interactive displays, whiteboards and collaboration software are so easy to use, they're second nature.

Half whiteboard, half Ultra HD display
When it's time to brainstorm, grab a digital pen and start writing like you would on any whiteboard. You can share your notes as you go worldwide - and the world can write you back. When you're ready to present, switch inputs with a tap to show all kinds of media in stunning Ultra HD resolution.

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by Mayo DeLeon on December 23rd, 2015

NovoPRO is a wireless presentation and collaboration system designed to support highly interactive and collaborative meetings or classroom learning activities. Meeting participants, instructors/teachers and students can interact and share digital content via their PCs, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones, a true BYOD device. True screen mirroring from iOS and Android devices is supported. NovoPRO features screen preview/moderator control, 4-to-1 projection, video streaming, instant response system (IRS), file sharing, and access to cloud-based resources. Fully built in whiteboard interactive features encourage meeting or classroom participation and all Novo's can be managed remotely over the network. The built in Ethernet port allows for dual network connection to accommodate Corporate/Guest or Student/Faculty networks. The NovoPRO can also be optionally equipped with the Launcher; a USB-connected device with software preloaded, that with the click of the Launcher button, displays the computer screen for a true plug-n-play-n-display solution.
Fully Featured NovoPRO connects to your display via HDMI and supports HD1080p 60fps and from the microSD slot, video playback of 4k UltraHD is supported to 30 fps. In addition, on-screen annotation, screen capture and distribution, full moderator control, wireless file sharing, QR code simple device connection (can be PIN secured), easy access to Cloud resources are additional features. 4 of the up to 64 connected users can be displayed at one time with a simple press of the Launcher button or selecting a user the App or DesktopStreamer with the touch of a finger or click of a mouse. NovoPRO, a BYOD solution, supports all major mobile devices
(phones, tablets, chromebooks and Mac/PC computers).   Contact Your NovoPRO Sales Rep Today for a Quote.

by Mayo DeLeon on December 2nd, 2015

Your new great team player
Evoko Minto operates smoothly with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Working either through Bluetooth or cable, it takes only seconds to connect.
The blue color, is showing you a Bluetooth device is connected, changes to green when a call is active and instantly shifts to red when muted – letting you know you can speak freely.

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Introducing Evoko Minto
Say hello to the most important participant in your future meetings. Say goodbye to background noise, distractions and comments that can’t be heard. Evoko Minto is intelligent, really easy to work with and all rather gorgeous. With a remarkable ability to hear what’s important and what isn’t. All thanks to a unique sound technology. Ready for use with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop: fast tracking you to the core of the meeting. Getting the message through to everyone — wherever you are.
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by Mayo DeLeon on October 8th, 2015

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 delivers the best ever audio experience from the huddle room to the boardroom - making every conversation, every spoken word just that much clearer. Not only does RealPresence Trio break through the sound barrier by providing the most amazing sound quality, but it also redefines the category by serving as the smart hub for your group collaboration and bringing easy-to-use, no-compromise visual collaboration to spaces that were previously cost prohibitive.
Polycom RealPresence Trio is the only modular smart hub in the market today and your expectations of group collaboration will be forever changed. Modular in design and priced right for mass deployment, RealPresence Trio is perfect for any size group.

The power of voice
The human voice is a powerful vehicle for delivering your thoughts. Have you ever heard someone speak and you instantly knew the feeling they were trying to convey by just the inflection of their voice?  Tone of a voice can instill confidence or uncertainty. With RealPresence Trio we have enhanced our patented HD Voice technology even further to deliver deep, rich audio and even multi-media content playback, - the best ever. Even the best technology is not immune to its environment. Extraneous noises such as rustling papers, typing on a keyboard, or sirens outside a window are all too common in meetings and distracting to listeners. With Polycom's exclusive NoiseBlock technology, RealPresence Trio automatically mutes when background noise is present giving your conversation top priority.RealPresence Trio also extends the audio experience by making it easy for you to bring your own device (BYOD) and access your own virtual ecosystem through wired or wireless pairing for mobile phone and soft-client audio calling.
 Share your ideas*
When words aren’t enough and you need to share your ideas, concepts and images visually, RealPresence Trio is the only smart hub on the market flexible enough to include HD content sharing from your own device (BYOD) including your mobile phone, tablet or PC.Sometimes you just want to collaborate more effectively with people who are in the same room. Sharing content and rich media is simple-to-use in or out of a call.With so many ways to collaborate, sharing ideas can sometimes feel complicated. Who wants to learn yet another interface? Thankfully, RealPresence Trio supports content sharing using familiar interfaces such as Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync) or Polycom RealPresence solutions with SmartPairing.

by Mayo DeLeon on September 30th, 2015

The Audio Hotspot first takes analog audio feeds and converts them to digital audio signals.  The digital audio signals are sent to a processor, which converts them to bitstreams and assigns each bitstream a unique channel number.  The channelized bitstreams are sent to the hotspot network, where wi-fi access point(s) broadcast them to portable devices. 
Each portable device uses a downloaded App to tune to the channel for the audio they wish to hear.  In this diagram, channels 1-4 contain the audio for television displays 1-4.  In a sports bar, or exercise club, the client would choose the channel for the TV, and hear the audio through their portable device speaker or earphones/headphones plugged into the headphone jack.
The Audio HotSpot requires a connection to the internet.  An Administrator Portal allows the Audio HotSpot owner/manager to create advertising and other content to be displayed on the portable devices.  The internet connection from the HotSpot system to the Administrator Portal maintains the operating software and HotSpot service. Since the HotSpot includes external internet access, the client's portable device can also use the internet while they are connected to the Audio HotSpot network.


 The Audio HotSpot is an innovative, new listening technology that allows any venue to stream audio via Wi-Fi from TVs, music sources or live programs directly to an individual’s smartphone or tablet.  To listen, an individual simply connects to the local Wi-Fi, downloads the free Audio Hotspot™ app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, and selects the audio channel they want to hear.

Each Audio HotSpot system is customized, consisting of hardware components and a proprietary software license.  Once a system is installed in a venue, the software license is activated based on the number of channels (up to 56) at that venue.  

by Mayo DeLeon on August 27th, 2015

We are solving all sorts of under table cable messes with Connectrac.
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by Mayo DeLeon on July 22nd, 2015

by Mayo DeLeon on June 8th, 2015

We are pleased to announce the Retractor Series/2 Mini DisplayPort, the newest addition to the Retractor Series/2 lineup, the AV industry's first, most popular, and most reliable cable retraction system. The Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort retraction modules are offered in two lengths: Standard, with cable extension up to 3 feet (90 cm); and XL - Extended Length, with cable extension up to 5 feet (152 cm). These patented, variable-speed cable retraction systems are designed for use with Cable Cubby® Series/2 and TouchLink Cable Cubby cable access enclosures, as well as the TMK 120 R Table Mount Kit.

And of course if you need to support any connection, we have options for you:

Keep needed cables at the table not on the table with our cable retractors:

by Mayo DeLeon on April 20th, 2015

We see much success with this wireless solution, often customers request additional ClickShare devices to be installed.  It makes perfect sense as it is another way to keep conference rooms user friendly with a standards based wireless presentation solution.

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by Mayo DeLeon on January 5th, 2015

Authorized Reseller Visual Innovations helps companies #collaborate with Smart products.

col·lab·o·rate  | verb |
Work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

The latest on SMART kapp

2014 New Product Innovation Award
- Frost & Sullivan  >

Best Overall New Product and Best Presentation Product at InfoComm 2014
- Rave Publications  >

2014’s AV Products of the Year
- Systems Contractor News  >

“SMART kapp is the only dry-erase board you need.”
- ChipChick  >

“I bet your dry-erase board is not as smart as SMART kapp.”
- Gadgetify  >

Simple, secure and stylish

Get started right away
Put it up. Plug it in. Create.
Easily save and share notes
Store content as snapshots on a mobile device. Automatically share snapshots to your #Evernote™ account.
Real-time sharing
Remote participants can be invited to view content in real-time using any browser.
Refined inking
Write and erase on the sleek, glass surface without ever staining it.
Full data security
Shared content is immediately deleted when you disconnect your device.

Contact Visual Innovations for quick quote or demo request.

by Mayo DeLeon on June 20th, 2014

The new TST-902 Advanced Wireless Touch Screen delivers all of the beauty and dedicated control of industry-leading TSW touch screens in a wireless tablet.  You get wireless control, voice command recognition, and web browsing all in a thin and stylish design. Even better, primary touch screen functionality is supported via Crestron ER wireless communications, lessening or eliminating the need for Wi-Fi®.

“We’ve essentially taken our beautiful TSW touch screen and added the convenience and freedom of wireless. With the TST-902 you get a dedicated portable touch screen controller for the enterprise with the added benefit of security. It won’t be mistaken for other personal tablet devices and therefore accidentally disappear.”

              - Byron Wendling, Technology Manager, Touch Screens & User Interfaces

Control can be beautiful
The TST-902 features high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors that bring exclusive Crestron Smart Graphics™ to life. The ultra-bright widescreen display, capacitive touch screen, H.264 streaming video, and edge-to-edge glass deliver a striking interactive experience.

The TST-902 provides the high-performance control expected from Crestron, with the elegant design elements found in the latest tablets. Smart Graphics enables gesture navigation, swiping, and kinetic effects such as knobs, sliders, gauges, and scrolling lists common in smartphones and tablets.

Even more ways to control
In addition to its touch screen display, the TST-902 features four rear-mounted pushbuttons for quick access to volume adjustment, channel selection, mouse click, and other programmable functions. The buttons are optimally positioned for easy fingertip access while holding the unit with two hands.

The TST-902 also provides the ability to use voice commands to control virtually anything. Now, you can press a button on the touch screen and then speak commands like “Turn off projector” or “Start presentation.” Or, you can speak voice commands to choose a lighting scene, enter a password, and perform many other functions.

Streaming too
The TST-902’s high-performance streaming video capability makes it possible to view security cameras and other video sources right on the touch screen. Native support for H.264 and MJPEG formats allows the TST-902 to display live streaming video from an IP camera, a streaming server, or a DigitalMedia™ switcher.

by Mayo DeLeon on June 2nd, 2014

Our 90" Touch Table offers a productivity platform like no other.  Typical uses range from Architectural & Land Development to Aerospace Design to True Interactive Meetings.  We can assist in deployment, collaborative engagement with multi-location installations and user training.  Contact our sales team for special pricing at

by Mayo DeLeon on March 5th, 2014

How about the important ones...

The AAP SuperPlate 100 is a double-space AAP - Architectural Adapter Plate with convenient, pass-through connectivity for HDMI, VGA, Stereo Audio, and USB signals. For ease of installation, HDMI, VGA, Stereo Audio, and USB connections utilize short, female to female pigtail cables. The AAP SuperPlate 100 is designed to work with any Extron AAP Mounting Frame or enclosure that accommodates two or more single-space AAPs, including Cable Cubby and Cable Cubby Series/2 Cable Access Enclosures, HSA 400 and HSA 402 Hideaway Access Enclosures, and TMK 100 Series Under Table Mounts.  Contact sales for a solution to your connectivity.

by Mayo DeLeon on August 28th, 2012

The Extron DVS 605 is a high performance video scaler that includes three HDMI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and simultaneous HDMI and analog high resolution outputs. The DVS 605 accepts a wide variety of video formats including HDMI with HDCP, HDTV, RGB, and standard definition video. It features advanced Extron video signal processing with 1080i deinterlacing, Deep Color processing, and true seamless switching for professional-quality presentations. Designed for professional AV integration, the DVS 605 offers flexible control options including Ethernet, RS-232, USB, and contact closure. The DVS 605 is available in models with audio switching plus HDMI audio embedding / de-embedding, and also 3G/HD-SDI output with genlock.

Five Input Multi-Format Video Switcher

To accommodate a variety of sources, the DVS 605 features three HDMI inputs plus two universal analog video inputs that can automatically detect and process RGB computer-video, HDTV, component video, S-video, and composite video. The DVS 605 provides the capability to integrate digital and analog video devices, with HDCP compliance to enable integration of Blu-ray Disc players and cable or satellite HD receivers. Auto-switching between inputs streamlines system operation as well as integration with presentation switchers or matrix switchers.

EDID Minder® and Key Minder®

To enhance and simplify integration of sources and displays, the DVS 605 Series features two exclusive Extron technologies: EDID Minder and Key Minder. EDID Minder automatically manages EDID communications between the display device and all the HDMI and VGA computer-video input sources. For HDMI signals with protected content, Key Minder authenticates and maintains continuous HDCP encryption between input and output devices to ensure quick and reliable switching in professional AV environments. When receiving an HDCP-encrypted HDMI input source, the DVS 605 outputs a full-screen green signal on any video output connected to a non-HDCP compliant display. This provides immediate visual confirmation that the protected content cannot be viewed on this display.

High Performance Video Processing

The DVS 605 features an advanced, high performance 30-bit scaling engine with the ability to scale HDMI, RGB, HDTV, and standard definition video signals up or down in resolution. This advanced video processor also features high performance deinterlacing of 1080i and standard definition video to deliver optimal image quality through advanced motion compensation.

The DVS 605 accepts and outputs signals up to 1920x1200 including HDTV 1080p/60 and 2048x1080. It provides simultaneous outputs for HDMI and analog RGB or HD component video. An additional 3G/HD-SDI output with genlock is also available.

Create Professional Quality Presentations with Seamless Switching and Picture-in-Picture

The advanced video processing in the DVS 605 enables high quality, professional presentations with true seamless switching between Inputs 1 to 4 with selectable cut or dissolve transitions. The DVS 605 also features a flexible PIP picture-in-picture mode that allows any two video sources connected to Inputs 1 to 4 to be shown on one display. Several PIP presets are available, including side-by-side windows, and the PIP window can be dynamically sized and positioned anywhere in the image.

Audio Switching Models Available

All DVS 605 models provide lip sync delay and level adjustments for embedded HDMI audio. The DVS 605 A and DVS 605 AD feature five input audio switching to accompany incoming video sources. Gain and attenuation can be adjusted for each analog input, and the DVS 605 provides master volume control.

DVS 605 models with audio switching feature HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding. Any input audio signal can be embedded onto the HDMI output. DVS 605 audio models can also extract embedded HDMI audio to analog and digital S/PDIF outputs. The DVS 605 AD, with audio switching plus 3G/HD-SDI output can embed up to eight channels of audio onto the SDI output.

Multiple Options for Control and Operation

The DVS 605 features front panel controls for quick access to functions. Remote configuration and control are available via RS-232, Ethernet, and USB, plus contact closure to control input switching. The DVS 605 is housed in a 1U enclosure and can easily be integrated into many environments.



    by Mayo DeLeon on April 4th, 2012

    by Mayo DeLeon on April 2nd, 2012

    Designed primarily for the telepresence market, VC-Table brings a clean high-tech look to today’s conference rooms.
    Table features cable management and custom cutouts for accommodating your electronics grommets/cubby’s for easy plugging in of laptops or USB keys and displaying on screen.
    Its built-in equipment rack can house a codec or PC with ten rack units easily accessible from front and rear.

    Scratch resistant thermal wrap finish available in many colors. Also offered as stand-alone.

    Standard Features Include:

    • VC-Table
    • Seats 7 people
    • Cable management rails and grommets built in
    • Custom cutouts to accommodate your interface requirements at no charge
    • Built in equipment rack for codec or PC, 10RU with easy access and
      4 power panels
    • Bridge for cable management to room or furniture
    • 2 bridges included for different camera distance requirements
    • Scratch resistant thermal wrap finish in many colors
    • CR3000EX Tech Credenza
    • 3X 12RU bays and 3X cooling fans
    • PM-D or PM-S-XL
    • Stand for dual 32" - 55" or for single 52" - 80" TV’s
    • Camera mount

      From here we add a Video Conference engine and camera with an executive friendly and simple to use remote control complimented by either a single large display or a dual display set-up providing a productive working environment.

    The LightRaise projector is a pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw projector that can turn nearly any surface into an interactive learning space. As part of a comprehensive educational technology solution, the LightRaise projector includes the award-winning SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which teachers around the world use to create and deliver engaging lessons to over 40 million students. Educators using the LightRaise projector can also access the SMART Exchange™ website (, where they can connect, share and download over 51,000 digital resources. The projector also comes with a rechargeable interactive pen, a pen holder, USB and VGA cables and an easy-to-install wall mount.

    The LightRaise 40wi interactive projector offers educators an affordable option for making classrooms interactive. The projector can produce screen sizes up to 100" (254 cm) in a widescreen format, making it a flexible solution designed to fit into nearly any classroom or collaborative space. With its ultra-short throw, the LightRaise projector eliminates most shadow and glare and delivers a crisp, bright image. Teachers and students can use the interactive pen to write over applications and digital content, making lessons more engaging. As part of SMART education solutions, the LightRaise projector integrates seamlessly with other SMART products such as the SMART Response™ interactive response system, the SMART Document Camera™ and the SMART Slate™ wireless slate. Additionally, the LightRaise projector is protected by SMART Projector Care, a three-year service and warranty program offering fast and reliable support to customers. For more information on the LightRaise 40wi interactive projector, CONTACT the Sales Dept via emailfor an immediate response.

    by Professional AV Installer on December 22nd, 2011

    We are pleased to announce that the TLP 710CV is now shipping. This 7-inch, fully configurable touchpanel combines AV system control with the convenience of an Extron Cable Cubby enclosure. It features a flip-up, full-color, 800x480 resolution touchscreen in an elegant, metal enclosure that can be mounted securely into a tabletop, lectern, or other flat surface. Power over Ethernet - PoE allows the touchpanel to receive power and control over a standard CAT 5-type cable, eliminating the need for a local power supply. The built-in MTP twisted pair receiver accepts either S-video or composite video signals over an additional CAT 5-type cable. This enhanced connectivity provides integration flexibility and aids in cable management by minimizing the number of connections at the touchpanel. The TLP 710CV enables integrators to deploy furniture-mountable, fully configurable touchscreen control, with cable management and easy access to AV connectivity and power.

    by Greg Gold on August 8th, 2011

    Thanks to the ELMO Wireless Tablet with Image Mate Accent Software, teachers can now annotate live images from an ELMO document camera to deliver more detailed
    instruction and achieve greater student engagement.

    The ELMO Tablet partners effortlessly with an ELMO document camera for dynamic, smooth lessons. In addition, applying mask, highlight, and split screen functions to captured images focuses student attention and brings interactive learning into the picture.

    Contact Greg Gold, VI's Education Account Manager

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