Co-working...across the room or world is easy!

by Co-Working Designer on February 14th, 2011

The SMART Board 885ix interactive whiteboard system is category leading and incorporates DViT™ (Digital Vision Touch) technology and leading-edge features. It provides a natural and intuitive user experience offering true workplace collaboration.

The SMART Board 885ix interactive whiteboard system accepts common touch gestures currently recognized in the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system. These include one- and two-finger navigational gestures (e.g., panning, flicking pages), object gestures (e.g., zoom, toss, rotate) and gestures in multitouch operating systems.

Touch gestures are also available within SMART Meeting Pro software. See the touch gesture chart in the FAQ’s for more information. This SMART Board interactive whiteboard is the first to allow two users to work anywhere on the interactive whiteboard simultaneously.

It ships with SMART Meeting Pro™ software and the SMART GoWire™ auto-launch cable with
SMART Meeting Pro software. You will have to order the SMART Meeting Pro sku to get SMART Meeting Pro software and the SMART GoWire auto-launch cable.

Inspires extraordinary collaboration
· Supports two people in generating and capturing ideas at the same time
· Promotes collaboration, which increases understanding
· Improved productivity – leads to faster, more informed decisions
· Brings people together for collaborative sessions without the hassle of travel
· Richness in collaboration is possible with the simultaneous interaction of multiple displays
· Two users can work together at the same time
o One user erases while the other makes notes; one user writes while the other moves objects; both users write
· Unparalleled flexibility – users are free to write on the entire interactive whiteboard

Transforms the way people work together
· Transforms the way people work, meet, present and interact in every workspace
· Remote team members can come together without travel
· Amazing new ways to interact with digital material
o Visually engaging (toss, flick, rotate, zoom, etc.)
o Enhances and energizes interaction, fostering a new level of creativity and collaboration
· Iterate in real-time with teams (remote or together) and automatically save improvements – increases productivity
o SMART Ink™ supports writing over any application. Inject digital ink as text or an image into Microsoft Office applications and Adobe® Acrobat® Professional
o SMART Ink automatically makes writing smoother and more legible
· Using the interactive whiteboard is intuitive and natural
o The interactive whiteboard recognizes how you are working with it – it automatically recognizes pen, finger, fist or eraser
(object awareness)
o Multitouch – convenient, intuitive, two-finger gestures
o Simultaneous dual use
· Easy to use, leading to rapid adoption

A solution, not pieces and parts
· Quick and easy to get teams working together using digital and visual information
o Simplicity of integration expedites user adoption
o All-in-one system – designed to function as a complete collaborative solution
o Quick start – single button on switch for all components to start an interactive session quickly
· Replaces conventional meeting room tools and display products
· Provides meeting participants with a fully visual interactive experience for improved engagement
· Integrated with other leading unified communications solutions (e.g., video conferencing, telecommunications) – SMART powered integrated systems

SMART Meeting Pro 2.2 software
Whiteboarding software for digitally capturing, sharing and distributing ideas. Improve teamwork and organizational productivity by sharing digital material, analyzing data, brainstorming, solving problems and documenting decisions more efficiently than ever before.

· Designed specifically for business
· Enables organizations to better communicate and collaborate
· Mark up Microsoft documents with digital ink with the ability to inject the ink directly into the document or convert the digital ink to text
· Mark ups, edits and handwritten notes (on web pages or applications) can be captured and saved in an interactive whiteboard file that can be instantly distributed electronically to all stakeholders
· The first whiteboarding software that fully supports multitouch and multiusers
· SMART Meeting Pro Premium software offers everything that SMART Meeting Pro does with an enhanced set of whiteboarding tools, integrated data-conferencing capabilities and multiple display support and management

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