SMART Introduces its First Interactive Projector for Education...

The LightRaise projector is a pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw projector that can turn nearly any surface into an interactive learning space. As part of a comprehensive educational technology solution, the LightRaise projector includes the award-winning SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which teachers around the world use to create and deliver engaging lessons to over 40 million students. Educators using the LightRaise projector can also access the SMART Exchange™ website (, where they can connect, share and download over 51,000 digital resources. The projector also comes with a rechargeable interactive pen, a pen holder, USB and VGA cables and an easy-to-install wall mount.

The LightRaise 40wi interactive projector offers educators an affordable option for making classrooms interactive. The projector can produce screen sizes up to 100" (254 cm) in a widescreen format, making it a flexible solution designed to fit into nearly any classroom or collaborative space. With its ultra-short throw, the LightRaise projector eliminates most shadow and glare and delivers a crisp, bright image. Teachers and students can use the interactive pen to write over applications and digital content, making lessons more engaging. As part of SMART education solutions, the LightRaise projector integrates seamlessly with other SMART products such as the SMART Response™ interactive response system, the SMART Document Camera™ and the SMART Slate™ wireless slate. Additionally, the LightRaise projector is protected by SMART Projector Care, a three-year service and warranty program offering fast and reliable support to customers. For more information on the LightRaise 40wi interactive projector, CONTACT the Sales Dept via emailfor an immediate response.

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