Telemedicine in HD

Healthcare is delivered best when patients and physicians are face-to-face. Sharing medical history, symptoms, and information helps care-providers determine the best course of action. As people become more distributed across geographic boundaries, access to specialized care can be compromised. Even within the world’s metropolitan areas, patients need timely access to doctors trained to treat a specific disease or injury.
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Introducing the
LifeSize® 220 Series

The LifeSize 220 series sets new price performance levels for telepresence. The 220 series support the highest video resolution 1080p30, as well as 720p60 video for ultimate motion handling. Dual display support, integrated content sharing and LifeSize Adaptive Motion Control™ are standard features on 220 series products enabling distributed teams to collaborate in real time as effectively as if they’re physically in the same room.

The 220 series is designed to enable companies to scale their telepresence networks. Priced for broad deployment and uniquely flexible, LifeSize 220 series systems deliver HD video at just 768kbps, extending the reach of telepresence communications to any office, any size business, to healthcare providers extending care to rural communities or to educational institutions enriching their curriculum through visual communication. Utilizing the proven LifeSize architecture, LifeSize systems uniquely adapt to any network environment and seamlessly integrate into the enterprise IT framework.

LifeSize® Products

LifeSize® Passport™
The most flexible, affordable, easy-to-use HD video communications system - ever. You will get true HD video quality - 720p30 - at only 1Mbps over any internet connection.

LifeSize® Express 220™
Extending the capabilities of the award-winning LifeSize® Express ™ system, LifeSize® Express 220™ is an enhanced Full HD video communications system that is both affordable and scalable. Ideal for small working groups, teams or individual knowledge workers who want to take communication over distance to the next level, LifeSize Express 220 has it all.

LifeSize® Team 220™
With LifeSize Team 220, you get Full HD video quality (1080p30/720p60) for natural, realistic interactions. You get unparalleled ease of use and flexibility for workgroups with dual high definition display and camera support, digital input and output connections, an embedded 4-way, Full HD multipoint control unit (MCU) and dual microphones.

LifeSize® Room 220™
With LifeSize Room 220, you get the highest level of quality available today -- Full High Definition, standards-based 1080p30 for the highest resolution on the market and 720p60 for the best motion handling with lower latency. But, LifeSize Room 220 comes standard with an embedded 8-way Continuous Presence multipoint bridge showing 4 visible sites, complete with transcoding and all digital I/O. Plus, LifeSize Room 220 also has a point-to-point throughput of 8Mbps. And the compact, sleek unit is less than half the size of comparable solutions.

LifeSize® Conference 200™
With the LifeSize Conference 200 solution, you get the most advanced technology and most immersive experience available today: Full HD, 1080p30, 720p60, and 720p30 dual streams to share data and documents in full motion, high definition. You also get an embedded multipoint control unit (MCU), complete with transcoding.

LifeSize® Desktop™
LifeSize® Desktop™ delivers HD video communications from the convenience of your PC - enabling mobile users to stay connected, anytime, anywhere. A natural extension of your existing LifeSize HD video environment, LifeSize Desktop keeps remote teams in sync without compromising on quality
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