Video Conferencing
for Everyone

With video units that fit on your desk to PC video that travels with you, TANDBERG brings the community of video users together. Through standards-compliant solutions that don't sacrifice business quality, TANDBERG personal video allows you to seamlessly integrate with your workplace tools, access your personal phone books, and always be in visual contact with colleagues, customers and suppliers.
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PC Video

As home and office life continue to mesh, PC video conferencing adds mobility to the benefits of business-quality video. With Movi, thousands of enterprise users can connect securely from public or remote work spaces.

Mobility is the new way of working. For workers in home offices or well-traveled "road warriors," Movi offers a cost-effective, easy to use video solution that allows them to stay visually connected to colleagues, customers or suppliers.

  • With only an existing PC and a USB Camera, thousands of users in a video-enabled enterprise can connect from public spaces or remote offices whenever they need.
  • Compared with consumer-based PC video solutions, Movi offers unparalled quality, reliability and ease of use.
  • PC video users should not be an island. Movi is a standards-based solution, and it is interoperable with the rest of an enterprise video deployment.
  • Movi users can access directories from the TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS) and other personal video tools like TANDBERG FindMe™ to enhance the Movi experience and increase adoption.

When you add Movi to an enterprise, you lower the cost-per-user of video deployment, while raising the productivity of your organization.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Video isn't just for the boardroom. All employees can have always-on, always-available video, with familiar tools and business-quality performance.

  • Face-to-face no longer requires side-by-side
  • Instant, in-depth discussions and collaboration from anywhere

  • See every emotion with personal telepresence from your desk
  • A fully integrated system with a compact high-definition camera and true CD-quality audio
  • Join up to 4 video sites and 3 audio sites with embedded MultiSite functionality

  • Popular in individual workspaces, teleworking and home offices, this mid-size desktop solution is fully integrated with built-in camera, 12.1" LCD screen, speakers, cables and microphone
  • Share and view presentations by simple, one-step connection

  • Be connected from your desk for immediate, reliable face-to-face communication
  • Compact, fully integrated video system with an 8.4" screen that enables video and voice calls along with viewing presentations
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